Plant / Manufacturing Manager

Dear Executive:

Given my strengths in managing manufacturing operations, directing high-performing, cross-functional teams, and successfully improving productivity using lean and kaizen strategies, I am confident you will find me well prepared to join your company in the role of operations and production manager. Notably, I possess strong planning, organizational, prioritization, and leadership skills, along with an ability to leverage available resources, which enables me to ensure tasks are completed accurately, on time, and within budget.
Over the course of my career, I have • Implemented employee safety and 5S programs, resulting in cleared OSHA fines. • Implemented scheduling system for 18 cells to reduce expedites to $0. • Reduced scrap from 15% to 8% in 3 months by rebuilding tooling and changeover scrap reduction program. • Set plant record of 335 days without lost time due to injury. • Improved on-time delivery to our customers to 100% from 88% by reorganizing the supervisors into department-based flow VS product family. • Established accountability system to supply plant goals from upper management to the shop floor and production monitoring system from the shop floor to upper management. • Implemented an accountability system at all levels of the organization to ensure timely completion of tasks, resulting in increased productivity from 63% to 72% for Exide. • Initiated material review board to identify root cause issues at the point of operations to improve first time through capability, resulting in reduction of scrap from 2.2% to 1.2% for Mahle. • Implemented accountability system to ensure timely completion of tasks, resulting in increased productivity from 67% to 80%. • Revised scheduling system from a batching system of customer orders to machine level, allowing for implementation of a kan ban system to monitor the amount of work in front of every process, resulting in reduction of past due orders from 10,000 units to 1,500 units. • Reduced plant management layer from 4-tiered to 3-tiered system, reducing number of shop floor managers and saving $450,000 annually. • Combined low volume assembly lines to eliminate excess machinery, reduce labor cost and machine repair cost, reducing direct labor from 329 to 295 employees resulting in $1.2 million in annual savings. • Revised kan ban systems to reduce WIP and finished goods inventory; reduced inventory from 480,750 to 380,470 units while improving customer availability from 94% to 97.3%.
I am confident that your company could benefit from my broad range of experience and abilities, and I would appreciate the opportunity for a personal conversation. You may contact me as indicated above, and I look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and attention.
Pottsville, AR

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