Operations Manager Cover Letter

Operations Manager Cover Letter

Four Leaf Clover

Two Friday’s ago I decided that I was not going to start another electrical contracting firm and that I was going to go to work for someone else. That was a hard decision but I thought that I could provide more expertise and support to a larger company based on my past experience rather than start relatively small again and build up to where my skills are utilized best. I didn’t really care if I had to relocate.

I started looking on line for employment and I was sad. I am a dynamic, full of energy, “done it all” electrical executive with a wealth of knowledge, and all I could find was PM jobs, Senior PM jobs, and being an electrician in Afghanistan. It would be a total compromise of who I am to accept a position like that.

I looked at your job and I quickly realized that my resume details every aspect of an operations manager you are looking for. Moreover, your job is what I would feel most comfortable being involved in. I worked for the company in 2006 and 2007. I left in 2008 as I did not feel like I was contributing enough to the service department’s bottom line and I also felt like I was surrounded by individuals who were completely satisfied with mediocrity.


Birmingham, Alabama

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