Operations Management

With a distinguished performance record in operations management within consumer service environments, I believe I am ideally suited for comparable or related positions. Floor savvy and astute judgment has enabled me to effectively meet difficult challenges while developing change management skills. I am accustomed to maximizing productivity, increasing corporate profits through expert cost control, process improvements, workflow simplification, trend spotting and employee development. Add to this the fact that I am a quick-study. Please take a moment to review a brief sampling of my accomplishments along with the enclosed resume. Qualifications I can bring to the table include the following:

– A consistent pattern of achieving or going beyond quotas and goals.
– Significant contributions to operations, coupled with strengths in marketing, and new business development…achieved within relatively short time frames.
– A management style that focuses on coaching, team building, and empowerment.
– A mind-set that can quickly grasp the big picture.
– Hard to beat people skills.
– Multi tasking proficiency and an ability to prioritize.
– The dedication and commitment of a true professional. This includes a strong sense of urgency and an automatic willingness to go the extra mile.
– A natural ability to work well with a wide cross-section of people and cultural diversity, conducive to generating effective teamwork.
– Strong personal values of honesty, integrity and a powerful work ethic.

Two further points if I may. First, I believe in measuring performance by results and this is the only incentive I need to be productive. Secondly, I am fully prepared to prove my capabilities and do not ask anyone to simply take my word for it. Accordingly, my philosophy in this regard has to be let me show you, not tell you.

Weighing the combination of these factors, I am confident I would be a high impact player particularly if your business has need for a creative and resourceful operations professional with a stellar performance history. May I suggest a meeting where you would have an opportunity to meet the person behind the resume? Be assured your investment of time will be amply repaid.

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