Office Management

I am seeking a permanent position that will utilize a strong work ethic, high level of integrity, excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, with superior detail-oriented ability. My Executive Support, Operations and Office Management background includes:

* Customer Relations/Client Services * Data Verification/Tracking * Marketing/Sales
* Financial Services Administration * Process & Procedure Development * Contract Compliance

* Business Office (bookkeeping, billing, A/P, A/R, collections, purchasing, vendor services, payroll)
* Property Liaison/Facility Care (equipment maintenance/repair, inventory control, supply management)
* Human Resources (recruiting pre-interviews, evaluations, recommendations, background verifications)

Experience in engineering relationships, healthcare administration, hospitality improvements, investment/legal liaison, medical compliance, project coordination, proofing orders/information, real estate links, regulatory and non-regulatory industries, risk management reports, event management, and third-party administrative fields enhances my versatile abilities and value.

Intelligent judgment, common sense decisions, resourceful initiative, analytical abilities, willingness to learn, and high stress tolerance makes me an outstanding screener/gatekeeper, constructive team-player, and adaptable independent worker. My discrete and confidential communication and actions address the needs/problems of diversified personalities on all levels within and outside an organization (whether a small 2-person office or a large, multi-staff alliance), from office workers/site teams to executive committees and highest-level management. Productive strengths allow me to:

– focus on goal/deadline driven production – handle interruptions/changing situations
– effectively interface on multi-levels – maintain records/tracking logs; generate reports
– create marketing & contract presentations – build relationships & enhance teamwork
– monitor production; supervise accounts – schedule appointments & coordinate travel

If you are seeking an articulate, polished, innovative, information management and quality assurance right-hand (who will give 100% of dependable action to ensure best results), please call to schedule an interview. I am an energetic, support involved, mature individual with professional appearance, confident demeanor, experienced office protocol, diplomatic talents, diverse expertise and profit-focused priorities. As invaluable assets to your company, my unique contributions

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