Mortgage Lending Management

My Mortgage experience is reflective of an extensive, progressive, and diverse 22-year career involving Prime
& Sub-Prime; First & Second Liens – specific to 14 Markets of 6 States of Residential Real Properties New & Existing Construction.
My experience is inclusive of:

7 years Mortgage Lending Management of:
4 New Retail Mortgage Branch Offices,
1 New Mortgage Department, &,
1 New Mortgage Division,

7 years Mortgage Originations / Production Management,
4 years Mortgage Operations Management experience;
15 years Originations Experience in 14 Markets of 6 States,
6 Years Mortgage Underwriting, as well as,
Due Diligence, Quality Control, Processing, and Closing & Funding.

Additionally, all current Caliper Tests Results place my Management Style, Professional Abilities, Skills and Personality in the Upper 13% of the US.
If you are seeking to hire a Valuable, Strong Experienced Mortgage Professional, I may well be the person you are looking for!

Please find my Resume attached, applicable to position/s defined in the above Reference section, and the Objective section of my Resume.

In Respect of: 7 Years Mortgage Lending Management Experience:
Always an Originating / Producing – Manager, regardless of function;
Responsible for Markets of 250 Miles in radius.
The broad scope of my skill/s, knowledge, background, and attitude has been deliberately structured solely to enhance expedient service and operations while securing consistent solid business relationship/s and practices of either Operations or Production.
Originally my Underwriting Designation was pursued to strengthen and enhance my Originations / Sales / Marketing and Business Development. However, it has proven advantageous that I possess the skills, concepts, and abilities to be as equally apt and successful in Originations / Production / Business Development as in Operations.
The combination of these ablatives, knowledge and skills enhance workflow and internal relationships, as well as external relations. As result, encouraging stable development and growth, and securing consistent Production Volume, and Profitability with Integrity.

In Respect of: 15 Years Mortgage Originations:
Experience14th-25th Nationwide for Personal Production with CenTrust Mortgage Corporation
Personal Originations/Production/Sales experience in 14 Markets of 6 States.
Responsible for Markets of 250 Miles in radius.
My Originations experience began June of 1985 – with my primary focus and expertise toward the
more affluent, and, self-employed Borrower.
My experience and background are extensive and have easily ensured effective action and successful relationships between Client/s, Production and Operations Staff, Realtors, Builders, Accountants, Investment Brokers, and Corp / Home office.

In Respect of: 6 Years Mortgage Underwriting Experience and Qualifications:
My Underwriting experience commenced in February of 1996 with Sub-Prime First &
Second liens.
I am Not a

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