Manager Cover Letter

Manager Cover Letter

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I am happy to recommend Dan for employment at your company.

I had the pleasure of working under the direction of Dan as my manager and Director of Health, Safety, Wellness and Ergonomics at Johnson Controls, Inc. for the last 6 years. Sadly, our company had to make some economic business decisions a couple of months ago and eliminated many top management positions for which Dan was a part of. I personally have experienced the loss of a great coach and mentor and can speak for my counterparts.

It has been through Dan’s strong leadership, management skills and wealth of knowledge that Johnson Controls has continued to show improvements in our processes in the area of safety, ergonomics and work comp claims management. This fiscal year Johnson Controls had a 27% improvement in our recordable incident rate, a 48% improvement in our lost time incident rate and a 30% improvement in the reduction of worker’s compensation reserves. This has been a yearly trend while Dan was our Director. I think it is a great compliment to say that Dan’s team has continued to stay focused on the goals and expectations that he set forth for our development and for working to achieve world class safety. A team is only as strong as their leader and because of his excellent leadership we have been able to carry on.


Lexington, Kentucky

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