Management Position Cover Letter

Management Position Cover Letter

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My career goal is to find an assignment as a member of a management team where my overall financial and business experience and skills can make a difference. I have extensive experience in small to mid-size manufacturing and service companies with a concentration in finance, operations management, ERP systems, and full P&L responsibility. I have worked and managed in multi plant and international environments with cost and manufacturing experience.

I have enclosed a copy of my resume which will give you some idea of my background and accomplishments. You will also get a feel for the diverse responsibilities in the management positions I have held. My last compensation was in the $125,000 range which included a bonus. I am not necessarily interested in relocation but would consider relocating if the opportunity was right.

Should your current opportunity call for an effective financial management professional with a wide range of skills and capabilities, please contact me.


Boise, Idaho

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