Management Position Cover Letter

Management Position Cover Letter

Deco Refreshments, Inc.

I have known and worked with Vincent for the past four fears. In that time I have had the pleasure of working with Vincent on many different projects and in different capacities. Vincent has been a customer as well as a management and marketing partner in creating charitable fund raising projects. Vincent has always been very professional and knowledgeable in his approach of conducting business. Vincent’s knowledge of the hospitality, food service, and catering industries has been a tremendous asset in planning and producing these functions. We have partnered with Vincent on project from small seminars of ten people to larger fund raisers accommodating seven hundred people with great success.

Vincent has always provided dependable as well as trustworthy service. Whenever he says he will provide something you can rest assured it is being done correctly and on schedule. Vincent has proven to be a tremendous asset in the organization and execution of the functions we have collaborated on with him.


Amarillo, Texas

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