Management Position Cover Letter

Management Position Cover Letter

Destiny Realty

The career success enjoyed over the past years is based on the following: the ability to build long-term relationships based on trust, to initiate sustainable improvements, and results. The basis for the success is founded in the organizations established through the operating philosophy built. Focusing on the highest personal and professional values in combination with the complete dedication and loyalty to the organization. The concept draws on a common base of wide experience, knowledge and skills, and share incredible discipline and focus Insisting the staff be the best educated and trained in all disciplines while being balanced by the wisdom of common sense and of real world experience. Concentrating on People, Plans, & Processes, have developed organizations that are Fast, Flexible, Focused, and Friendly.

I have also developed value propositions addressing consolidations, operations, outsourcing and infrastructure. Have led successful teams focused on Venture Capital Operations, Business Process, Infrastructure Architecture, Strategic Outsourcing, Offshore Development/Vendor Management and Program Management Office. My extensive experience in consolidating operations for major corporations resulting from mergers and acquisitions has yielded very high returns..

Effective management demands comprehensive information systems that have allowed my clients to synchronize plans with their customers and suppliers, collaborate in real time both inside and outside the enterprise, execute plans, adapt to a dynamic environment, and measure performance to objectives. In real time both inside and outside the company, execute plans, adapt to a dynamic environment, and measure performance to objectives which increase sales and profits.


Tampa, Florida

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