Management Position Cover Letter

Management Position Cover Letter

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Please accept this resume and cover letter for the purpose of your review with filling the management positions you are currently searching. I have strong skills in leading a fast paced team as well as performing to high levels in a variety of settings. Noted for your information, I am experienced in planning, organizing, providing strong leadership, customer service and direction for the day-to-day activities of the work team and physical plant. I have played an active leadership role in continuous quality improvements with the drive for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 standards, led customer service and safety initiatives, and provided training via print materials, webinars/technology and face to face courses for guidance and support of employee efforts and accomplishment of strategic goals with the department. I supported other departments’ goals and strategic initiatives effectively as well. Recently, I drove the strong establishment and direction to develop and implement a training department for a recognized INC 500 Growth Company. In this leadership role, I was able to effectively drive resources and deliver services to establish sixty-six (66) training sessions for external clients versus the previous single offering the year before. Additionally, to service our internal clients, I was able to effectively leverage and drive resources to deliver services to set in place a training plan and cycle of at least two days per quarter for each field employee where as they had less than three for the entire year before. Imbedded in this plan and cycle were core technical content skills, customer service, and specific company initiatives for implementation of the business objectives. This start-up company was recognized as one of the 3 fastest growing companies in the state of Washington and 161 on the recognition of INC 500 Growth Companies for the United States. The training department revenues were set to be $1.2 million versus expenditures of $756,000. As a result of the growth and success of the department and plan, budget for the department was tripled (3x) and staffing doubled (2x) during this time.

As an experienced manager and leader, I have positively provided the following skills as well as many others:
A proven track record of successful leadership including mentorship, guidance, instruction, direction and assistance with supervisors and/or employees to provide a positive work environment
Highly focused and results oriented while maintaining a positive working relationship with others
Proactively monitors job and employee performance while engaging in continuous improvement/ strategic planning to reach the corporate goals
Abilities to ensure work performance optimization of systems, employees and the organization is produced in a timely, efficient, and effective manner
Provide high-level customer support and encourage all others do as well
Works effectively with upper management to set company policies and procedures
Resolves interpersonal conflicts between team members and engages in disciplinary actions as needed
Recruits, hires, and terminates personnel as needed
Works with other supervisors or department leaders to ensure that employee reviews are fair, consistent, and on-time, assists with scheduling of jobs as needed
Cross-trains others and myself within the needs of the company
Budgeting & finance for the organization to provide for profitability improvement
Crisis management for people and facilities as well as systems
Corporate/executive administration for organizational leadership with short/long term goals
Joint ventures & alliances with key stakeholders
Consensus building & teaming to coordinate people, activities and details
Best practices & benchmarking to establish sound decision-making on data
Develop a plan and set objectives to ensure necessary set up and keep time schedules

I believe myself to be a strong positive and productive manager that provides an asset to the company. I work well with others to enable successful results of our efforts. I support the initiatives of the company and work to have success with all of my supervised employees. I eagerly look forward to following up with you regarding this position and encourage you to review my resume closely as I am confident you will find it a pleasant match to your advertised needs.

Thank You

Kent, Washington

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