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Dear All

My name is Víctor Lugo; I am a Computer System Engineer with more than thirty years of experience as Management and IT Consultant. My first fourteen years of experience were working with Big 5 Firms. Nine years with Arthur Andersen (currently Accenture) and five years with Delloitte & Touche, the remaining time I have been working as a freelance Consultant in the same practices of expertise
I have interest in finding a position where all the knowledge that I possess, can still be used properly in order to improve the internal processes of the organizations, make their IT Department more effective implementing solution systems and why not make them more profitable. This position can be in an organization or a Consulting Firm
I have done Management Projects and IT Projects for different kind of industry, such as: Services, Manufacturing, Commercial, Health Care and etc., being the Financial Sector with the least experience. In the past five years, I have working mostly for manufacturing companies and private hospitals, leading the implementation of Health Information Systems (HIS), SAP (FI, MM, SD and CO) and Designing and Implementing Cost Structures, which include the identification and definition of cost center. I consider myself an expert on this last practice and despite having a degree as Engineer, I have a broad knowledge of financial processes
My best regards
Mimai, Fl

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