Dear Sir:

Leading organizational operations, providing industry expertise to public and private enterprises, and overcoming obstacles to deliver quick and effective results are but a few examples of my proven leadership strengths. Seeking to impact the success of your company serving in the role of Management, I have included my résumé in this package for your review. As an executive-level automotive professional with an established reputation for expertise spanning transportation, emergency breakdowns, stolen vehicle recovery, accident reconstruction, and more, I have developed and sharpened multi-faceted skills sets, experiences, and insights applicable in diverse leadership roles. Accomplished in the area including sales and business development, relationship building, policies and procedures, and change management, among other skills, I offer distinct qualifications to deliver significant impact for your organization. A representative sample of my achievements includes: • Achieving a $28M increase in national sales volume through leveraging rebate initiatives. • Propelling a $3M boost in profitability within 100 days. • Crafting the National Towing Rotation Standards for Municipalities and the National Tow Operators Standards. • Authoring articles for leading industry publications including American Towman Magazine, Tow Canada, TowPartners, and Run Hard. • Providing expert witness testimony in court cases involving vehicular issues. Throughout my career, I have excelled in heading business operations, achieving ambitious goals, and delivering bottom-line results. I now seek to do the same for your organization. For a more detailed presentation of my skills and background, please review the accompanying résumé. I will be calling you to schedule an interview so that we might discuss this matter further. Until then, should you have any questions, I can be reached at the number listed above. Sincerely, John E. Borowski, Jr.

Holyoke, ma

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