Leadership Cover Letter

Leadership Cover Letter


Leadership and vision go hand in hand. A leader with no vision will fail, while a vision with no leadership will be left by the wayside. One of my strengths is the ability to develop strategic vision, communicate that vision up and down within an organization, gain organizational buy-in, and lead cross-functional/cross-departmental teams to deliver the vision.

Developing, communicating, and delivering the vision requires leveraging your human resources both internally and externally, allowing these resources to work within their strengths and minimizing the utilization of their weaknesses. It requires the development and managing of relationships not only within your team but with your peers, your management, your clients, and your vendors. Value to the stockholders should be the goal, not a single function or department.

IT within an Enterprise will prosper and provide better value when closely integrated within business lines, directed by business lines, and often times lead by the business lines. In today’s world, IT is the facilitator of technology, helping business lines implement the necessary technology in creative ways that the business lines know they need while utilizing industry standards and best practices as often as possible.

Very Truly Yours

Tomball, Texas

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