Key Account Management Cover Letter

Key Account Management Cover Letter

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This letter is written to express confidence in and to take this opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Carlos. This is based on personal knowledge of his abilities in Sales and Key Account Management. I have known Mr. Carlos personally and professionally for over fifteen years. He is aggressive in the pursuit of excellence. His imaginative thinking and tenaciousness follow through ensures goals and objectives are reached.

Mr. Carlos worked for me for over two years in which he developed relationships with Fortune 500 companies in various capacities. As Manager, Global Partnerships, he was responsible for over fifty accounts. He worked with the entire spectrum of management, from Chief Executive Officer, Human Resource Vice Presidents, to Public Affairs specialists within these companies to obtain support and develop innovative marketing venues. He was consistently successful in achieving requirements. He worked well at all levels within these companies and many accolades were received relative to his work. Mr. Carlos is an expert at developing and maintaining personal relationships and is his forte. His warm congenial personality combined with his creative ability makes him a natural for any company to have on their staff.

Accounts other than Fortune 500 companies included NASCAR, NFL, MLB, and US Military Guard and Reserve and professional associations that support them. The undersigned will share detailed specifics about his overall value to my organization upon request.


Arlington, Virginia

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