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I have 15 years experience in the field of geospatial science as a manager, educator and contractor. My areas of specialty include oil and gas, education, emergency management, city infrastructure development, and demographics.
With regards to specifics to the oil and gas industry, I have mapped and managed thousands of acres of buy areas for major companies either directly or through local brokers. For each tract, the database was designed and implemented in a way for individuals to drill down in their data from the tract of land’s location, to mineral owner, to scanned images of leases and other documents. Additionally, I have created separate tables of information regarding burdens per tract for JOA’s, NPRI’s, Farm Outs, and AMI’s using lookup tables to facilitate a many to many relationship between each tract and the noted burden. I am well versed in the use of ESRI software, especially for the desktop. I do have experience on the server side as in ArcGIS Server / SDE, and I have developed very simple web based GIS applications.
Regarding pipeline or surface data, I have traversed, mapped and compiled over 200 miles of gathering lines with their ancillary components using Trimble GeoXT or GeoXH sub-foot accurate GPS. Clients were able to see and have at their fingertips not only their line information, but also all the necessary info regarding valves, compressors, manifolds, and production facilities. Incorporated in this field work I would also collect information on all bridge locations, gates with lock combinations, homes and properties associated with High Consequence Analysis and ROW info with attached easement. At all locations and for all structures, photos taken were embedded into the database for additional documentation with the use of visuals. I am well versed in the Federal Regulations (49 CFR §191-199) and the Texas Annotated Code (16 TAC §8 et seq) relating to pipeline permitting and have done class determination analysis with the data I have compiled from the field. When you combine my lease capabilities above with this surface/pipeline work, my clients had the capability to go from the boundary of the unit, to tract with all the necessary info, to a valve on the pad site.
Houston, TX

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