Facilities Manager Position Cover Letter

Facilities Manager Position Cover Letter

Kenny Rogers Roasters

It is with great interest I am applying for the Facilities Manager position, as per our phone conversation earlier today. I manage commercial and industrial facilities for the last 14 years. The work requires a unique blend of expertise in financial planning, vendors management and teams leadership, along with in-depth engineering expertise. I believe that my qualifications are an ideal match for this role, and I am confident I will make a valuable and immediate contribution to your Client’s business.

The following are the highlights of my qualifications:
M.S. in Facilities Engineering and B.S. in Business and Management, certified Green Belt, (GE, 2004), certified refrigerant handler “Universal” applications, cerified “Hazardous Materials Manager”
In-debt knowledge in building management and project management platforms: Tririga (GE), MetaSys (Johnson Controls), Apgee (Siemens), Alerton, J.D. Eduards, Primavera.
Leadership in CapEx and OpEx project management and corporate financing, project justification using DMAIC and PAR (project approval request ) processes. Multi project management using Trirga, GE.
Detailed experience in facilities and buildings life systems, code compliance, vendors management, leveraging winning processes maintaining UPS, ATS, PDU, on-site generation, budgets, forecasting, project management matrix reporting, etc.

In addition, I offer outstanding organizational skills, proven in four facilities relocations, two business consolidations and various space modifications and alternations throughout GE Consumer Finance, Americas. These qualities combined with my dedication and tireless work ethic, will enable me to positively impact and lead facilities management in your Client’s business.


Fremont, California

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