Estimator-Proposal Manager / Project Manager

Dear Sir, and/or madam

Please accept a copy for your review of my enclosed resume. In it, you will see that I have the skill-set necessary to work in a high-pressure team environment.
My experience and expertise consists of 25 years in Automation, DCS, PLC/SCADA, SIS, F&G and HMI’s, especially in refineries, petro-chemical plants, as well as wastewater treatment plants, power plants with DCS control, pharmacy-laboratories, fertilizing plants, mineral plants and paper. This includes: 15 years working with Yokogawa equipment and generic interphase PLCs (A-B, Modicon, GE, etc.), and 9 years using Wonderware, Genesis, Industrial control packages, DCS Foxboro, Honeywell, Emerson / Fisher-Rosemount, Siemens, ABB / Bailey and Johnson C. Past automation proposals included Power man (DCS, SCADA, RTUs, field, contractor and subcontractor), field instrumentation, third party equipment, building (RIBs, SEBs, etc.), FTAs, marshalling, MCCs, UPS, FAT, SAT, commissioning and project documentation (DTIs, loop drawings, memory calc, etc.).
In my role as Sr. Proposal Manager, I was responsible for automation proposals coordination. This role fine-tuned my administrative skill-set, as well as my leadership skills in engineering. In this position, I displayed my abilities as a team player and an efficient work team organizer with intuitive leadership capability. The following is a sample of the duties I have fulfilled: • Management of people, coordination of proposals, estimations review. • Responsible for developing, creating, analyzing and evaluating risk, service cost information within established guidelines of customer requests for: price quotation, cost reductions/increases, scaling, projections, against standards, cost impacts with respect to scope changes, labor, third party material and/or equipment, contractor, overhead costing rates and scheduling impacts. • Received request for quotation, bill of material of product, DTI’s, drawing of product, sketches or topologies. Basic description job project and broken down into pricing components. For medium and big projects generation bid schedules for execution of project and payments. • Generation of proposal experience, according EPC’s rules, basis and requirements.
Raul Alcantara
Sugar Land (Houston suburbs), TX

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