Environmental Management

I wish to be considered for positions germane to my background and training

I administered a federally-funded (P.L. 95-87, Title IV) environmental restoration program for the State of North Dakota, USA for over twenty years. The annual budget for this program was two million dollars. As Director of the Abandoned Mine Lands (AML) Division, I held public meetings to discuss planned reclamation with a variety of constituencies, prepared the Division budget and defended that budget before State Legislative Committees. I drafted federal grants that included National Environmental Protection Act Environmental Assessments (EA’s) and acquired requisite permits (Section 404) from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to disturb extant wetlands. I assisted staff to develop cost estimates for our construction projects. As Chief Procurement Officer I solicited bids from private contractors and drafted contracts for the reclamation work. Procurement policy and procedures were patterned after the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). I instituted the use of trees, shrubs and native grass plantings for wildlife habitat and wetland restoration for waterfowl. I authored several articles that dealt with freshwater wetlands.
I supervised a professional staff of environmental scientists and engineers using a team management approach and coordinated the execution of multiple projects during our construction season. I was the risk management coordinator for my State agency, and I worked in the development of emergency response protocols.
I currently administer an R&D program to convert algae to biodiesel. I supervise a staff of scientists, engineers and technicians in this effort. We shortly will have a fully integrated facility to produce algae oil which can be converted into biofuel.
Sincerely, Louis A. Ogaard, Ph.D.
Carlsbad, NM

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