Director of Operations / Production Manager / Plant Manager

Dear Sir/Dear Madam:

With a successful background impacting productivity, profitability and competitive performance, I am proud to have established myself as a key contributor to the operational management of past employers. I have more than 20 years of combined experience aligning resources with new corporate objectives to improve the operational infrastructures of multi-million dollar organizations. I am now seeking the opportunity to join your team in a position such as Director of Operations or Plant Manager and have confidence in my ability to generate superior results for your team.
My roles in the past ranged from Production Manager to Director of Operations to Plant Manager. A sample of my highlights while serving in the above and additional positions includes: • Assuming management of a plant that had lost 85% of its workforce and establishing a recruiting and training program that successfully stabilized operations and increased orders shipped complete and on time from 23% to 85%. • Improving labor efficiency by 20% with the implementation of continuous improvement, 5s implementation and Kaizen projects. • Project managing technology and software implementations that decreased finished goods and raw material inventory from $27 million to $9 million, improved inventory turns from 3 to 9, raised inventory accuracy to 99.8% and enhanced customer service from 63% to 96%. • Slashing scrap rates by 50% and return rates by 78% by establishing internal quality control systems.
The above briefly summarizes my strengths in operations and plant management. For a more detailed presentation of my skills and background, please review the enclosed resume and feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your consideration
Sincerely, Mark N. Breininger
Hesperia, CA

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