Corporate Real Estate Manager

Dear “Company Name”

As a visionary leader with a proven record of accomplishment in taking new developments from concept to profitability, I am equally skilled in contract management, financial due diligence and administering real estate transactions in accordance with client requirements amid specific expertise in multi-family housing management, commercial office project management and land development as well as the successful introduction to the marketplace.
My career has been hallmarked by the following: • 20-years of unprecedented results recognizing and taking favorable advantage of fresh opportunities to both grow existing business and generate new revenue streams. I have successfully negotiated and concluded deals ranging from $1 million subdivisions to $80 million golf course/housing developments with seven residential neighborhoods and commercial retail areas. • Orchestrated $3 million commercial office reorganization with zero impact to productivity. Pioneered and implemented diverse strategies to “meet people where they are” and foster their commitment to succeed which facilitated the flawless integration of systems and processes. • 13-year President of the Vanderburgh County Area Plan Commission, the sole authority on land development & zoning. • Re designed and executed training, accounting management and organizational initiatives to improve performance, cost control, human capital management, and increase productivity.
I have been characterized by others as creative, inspiring, empowering, and forward-thinking. Always striving to develop new ideas, capture fresh opportunities, negotiate new alliances, and build flexible organizations that are able to respond quickly to constantly changing market demands and economic conditions. I am accustomed to and effective in high-profile executive roles, making high stakes decisions. My management style is hands-on and decisive, yet flexible. Further, my colleagues know that I value and reward creative thinking, initiative, teamwork, commitment and performance to the overall success of our organization.
Evansville, IN

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