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I am a retired successful executive who settled in the Phoenix area a few years ago. Soon thereafter, I came to the realization that I retired much too young and busied myself with various management consulting jobs. Also, I served as an adjunct professor at The Western International University, teaching a 600-level graduate course on Strategic Planning and Management. In my consulting as well as my teaching endeavors I was able to make them benefit from my corporate experience in that I was able to show my clients and my students not only what to do but, also, what not to do.
At the moment, I am looking for a more engaging arrangement. I am quite flexible in this matter. I could play quite a few beneficial roles. I would be to help a start-up where the management is not experienced enough to carry the enterprise to the next level. I could also help already established companies in a management or a management consulting role in improving their business processes, procedures and projects. Some of the process/project improvements that come to mind are operational optimizations –such as lead time/cycle time reduction, inventory minimization, etc. – and enterprise efficiency maximization. What I described above represents a passion for me in that it combines my various desires – such as coaching, consulting, teaching, etc, – with my past successful corporate experience.
Relocation should not be a problem if the opportunity is exciting and rewarding enough.
Best Regards
Scottsdale, Arizona

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