Telecommunications Information Technologies

Human Resources Manager;

I am a seasoned professional in Telecommunications. I specialize in AVAYA Systems Engineering, Project Management, PBX/ACD & Call Center Administration, Installation/Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting. Within the confines of the vast technical knowledge I have acquired, I have frequently been brought onto various team efforts in the role of technical consultant.
My expertise in Call Center Administration in particular is not only from the technical side but also from the practical side. I have actually worked as an agent many times and have actual knowledge of how a call flow should work as well as the logistics of the physical layout of call centers.
I am a professional who can stand back to look at the big picture, see what needs to be done, and step up to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously in a fast paced and dynamic environment. I have experience working directly with senior leadership groups as a peer and maintain discretion and confidentiality in all situations. I am able to relate to all levels of any organization.
Schaumburg, IL

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