System Administrator

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an expert in all types of trading systems application development and analysis. I am currently the Senior Developer (owner) of RAD Technologies, Inc. (a Consulting firm) and previously held the position as Director of IT and Services for more than 5 years at Fidelity National Financial, Inc /ClearPar, LLC. , Application Development Manager at Hoke, Inc. for over 9 years and System Administrator/Designer at AT&T Bell Laboratories for 5 years.

I am looking to enter back into the work force as a direct employee or a full time consultant.

I have a proven track record of accomplishments, which includes among many, running a successful software development company for the past 15 years. I am one of the original founders of a company called Fidelity National Financial, Inc./ClearPar, LLC. where I developed the first electronic loan settlement system that will supply immediate real time information and reporting to major financial services, banking institutions and their clients. I specialize in Straight-Thru Processing implementing automated solutions and custom system applications that allow my clients to meet their goals for profitability.

I am able to implement projects on time and within customer specification utilizing top-notch managerial skills, outstanding hands-on abilities and organizational aptitude. I also consult directly with clients and their customers on a daily basis to support software rollout and configuration. I have directed/supervised development teams for over 10 years to meet project goals, I have extensive knowledge and experience in relational database design and development, global web based document management systems, user training and major sales presentations. Additionally, I am named as the inventor on a patent in the United States and European Patent offices for the Trade Settlement Software I created. (EP20010200572)

My Current rate is $85-$95/hr depending on location and project scope as a consultant however; I am negotiable depending on the full package and benefits your firm has to offer as a direct position.

Attached please find my resume. I would like to arrange an interview with you to fully explain my background and the benefits I can bring to your firm. Please call me at your convenience.

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