Software Engineering Management

Dear Sir / Madam,
This letter is in support of my application for the open position. I believe that the combination of my technical, project and people management, in addition to the diversity of my experience make me a strong candidate for the open position.
While I have a background in systems and networks, my area of specialization is Software Engineering Management. The scope of my expertise covers Project Management, the latest technologies, SDLC methodology and Process, technical talent management. Moreover, the diversity of my experience, and the associated success, is a testament to an analytical approach that is capable of addressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities.
On the technology side, my background is in Microsoft technologies. One example of my work is my latest hands-on project, which is an E-Bidding system; it involves integration between the Microsoft platform and SAP. The technologies used were ASP.NET, C#, IIS, SQL Server, BizTalk, SharePoint and K2.NET Workflow. In addition to meeting the requirements for the specific project, this project laid the foundation for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) at the organization. Moreover, I do have exposure to .NET 3.0 (Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation and Windows Workflow), in addition to SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio Team System 2005 and SharePoint 2007 with emphasis on Document Management and collaboration using workflow.
Moreover, I have strong experience in the promotion, adoption and rolling out of Software Engineering process. My area of expertise is in the implementation of the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) and other agile approaches, such as SCRUM, which is a major part of my experience in setting up / managing a Software Development group that includes a number of disciplines such as Development, QA and CM. I do have, also, experience in implementing Microsoft Team Foundation Server, to facilitate all such aspects.
A representative example of my experience is my work at Gateway as the Software Development Manager for the eCommerce Group. I managed between 13 to 25 developers and the projects I worked ranged from small, to Medium (such as Gateway Extranet – $5 million) to large (One and Done project – $70 million*). Furthermore, I did work as a Project Manager for highly specialized companies such as Stellcom Technologies with responsibility for resources, WBS and deadline. Currently, I am working for GE Healthcare, managing the Technical Infrastructure group for GE Centricity Enterprise product. This product is used around the world in managing clinical / financial systems of institutions such as Mayo Clinic.
Perhaps, key to my strength (in addition to strong technical management) is the diversity of my experience. I have worked both as a consultant and as full-time employee; private and government; different business sectors, such as Health, Defense, Oil & Gas, Financial, Manufacturing, etc. This diversity enabled me to develop an analytical approach that allows for understanding the business in order to be able to provide the needed facilitation and innovation to contribute to the bottom line.
In conclusion, if the quality and timeliness, of Software Engineering products were vital to your organization

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