Software Development

To Whom It May Concern:

In December of 2007 I was recruited by Nokia to join the Identity Systems group, a subsidiary of Nokia. While I had several other job offers at the time, I was very excited to work for Nokia, as I have always greatly admired the company for its innovation and corporate culture.

I was greatly disappointed to recently find out that the subsidiary I was hired to work for was acquired by an outside company, as I had accepted my current position to become a part of the extended Nokia team. The divestiture is due to be completed in mid-May, at which point I will no longer be an employee of Nokia.

I have a proven track record in delivering products on time and on budget, improving processes within the software development lifecycle, and applying creative, adaptive solutions as required by the projects I have been involved with. Additionally, I have an excellent rapport with customers and am highly skilled at requirements gathering and at keeping the product team focused, motivated and on track.

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