Senior Leader Director

Dear Mike,

My technique and style is organized and observable and thus more productive in measurable terms. My agile technique and approach quickly identifies differences between actuals and goals. It identifies good and bad behaviors and architects behavior solutions that efficiently and effectively reach goals.

My effective management of key areas of responsibility crossing organizational boundaries improving the workplace drives both the enterprise and people to work best taking very little time to get very big results. My agile technique trains people to exceed expectations and solve problems on their own by setting good goals. Good goal setting is rewarded with immediate and consistent performance recognition for doing the right things. My rewarding of good performance in people by identifying good behaviors in reaching goals trains people to be winners. My staff works harder and accomplishes more for their selves with my leadership than they have at any other time in their careers. My approach to managing the business and people is the same.

I am a senior leader Director/VP of IT. My roles and responsibilities include architecting IT strategic direction in line with and contributing to the business goals; providing technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of enterprise wide IT services that enable the achievement of corporate business objectives; managing budgets and resource requirements for the IT organization and for corporate strategic projects; architect of business solutions including CRMs and OSSs improving business operations with next generation business services and solutions.

My ability to instrument change in the business is proven by my performance strategically aligning IT with the business exceeding business plan objectives and outperforming that plan in all respects: directly increasing revenue, reducing customer churn and bad debt to historical lows, cutting costs with new enterprise architectures, new IT business services, automation, and integration.

My next best position will be a senior leader role in IT as a VP/SVP where I can perform above expectations beginning day one with proven senior leadership skills and expertise in all facets as a senior IT leader.

This letter and my resume contain a lot of information. Stated simply

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