To whom it may concern,

I have extensive experience in networking, telecommunications and project management. I feel I can contribute to the business goals immediately with little training. In addition to my last 17 years of employment, I have 6 years experience in applications and database development on IBM and HP mainframes inclusive of IMS, IDMS and Oracle databases. Please consider my skills for future employment within your organization.

With my more than 17 years of progressively responsible experience, I offer a distinguished career earmarked by accomplishments in leading and directing information-technology operations across broad disciplines, including hardware, software, development, testing, production support, project management, database technologies, customer satisfaction, vendor relationships, strategic planning, staff development, promoting change and improvement, and technology implementation.

My proven track record includes planning implementation of new technology projects and developing technology strategies that align with business needs while ensuring that products meet customer needs and corporate goals. I have played a major role in planning and directing IT solutions to support operations and achieve goals. Your organization will gain from my strong sense of dedication, solid work ethic, teamwork skills, and ability to find solutions. I excel at guiding the organization past the obstacles and on course to meeting its goals. Employing a unique combination of expertise in key areas in which businesses require assistance, along with practical, intuitive management skills that make me a motivated, dynamic problem-solver, I can grasp the larger picture, envision broader challenges, allocate resources, and motivate team members.

My extensive top-level background in information-technology makes me exactly the kind of value-added executive you need in the position you are advertising. Below is a brief summary of my skills beyond the scope of my resume.

1. I can identify and propose networking projects to senior management.
2. I can manage any size voice and data network.
3. I can manage any size budget and report to management department or project expense details.
4. I have managed 20+ individuals within a corporate environment inclusive of employee:
a. Defining and updating job descriptions as well as defining employee career path and growth.
b. Evaluation and management (hiring, management, and termination) of employees
Installation & Project Management:
1. Defining, ordering, installation, monitor, maintain and documentation of all project tasks.
2. I have written vendor RFP’s and worked with management to select the best business alternative.
3. Trouble-shooting failure of device, network and telecommunications events.
4. Defining, ordering, scheduling installation and verification of networking equipment operability throughout the country.
5. Defining, ordering, scheduling and installation of all network cabling inclusive of fiber.
6. Defining, ordering, scheduling, installation and maintenance of all copper telecommunication lines as well as OC3-OC12 fiber circuits.
7. I can work with all other corporate departments to successfully complete a project.
8. I have the experience to repeat an installation procedure over a number of years such as my 500 new Ross stores.
9. I can successfully convert from one network to another to another with minimal interruption.
10. I can evaluate existing operations and propose alternative cost-savings possibilities throughout the country.
11. I have successfully worked with 3rd party vendors to complete tasks.
Network Maintenance:
1. I can upgrade/downgrade networks with minimal service interruption.
2. I can significant experience in solving problems in person or over the phone.
3. I have custom software that can monitor the availability of local and remote devices.
4. I have been on-call for all local & remote telecommunication’s failures from notification to resolution.
1. I can document any voice and data networks.
2. I can document networking standards, operational, trouble-shooting and maintenance procedures.
3. I can document scope-of-work vendor requirements for the successful installation and/or trouble-shooting.
4. I can document minimum networking requirements for other departments to follow.
1. I can perform network training, new-hire training and customized network training.
2. I can schedule sack lunch discussions on various networking topics for interested parties.
3. I have speaking skills to discuss networking issues.
1. I have forecasted, monitored and closed monthly expense budgets.
2. I have managed, monitored, and reported capital projects.
3. I have billed-back other department services rather than IT absorbing all technology costs.
1. I have monitored network availability for 16 years.
2. I have excellent phone and written skills.
3. I have managed corporate cell phone plans, pagers and calling cards.
4. I have monitored corporate 800 number incoming calling for fraud and inappropriate use.
5. I have provided each corporate phone a summary of each incoming and outgoing call on a monthly basis.

My specific recent device experience is with a variety of Cisco Systems networking equipment, Siemens PBX’s and Toshiba KSU’s (Key System Units). I can instruct/manage/support others perform the installation and/or management of the devices. I am also capable of tracing and if necessary re-terminating all copper wiring. I am very familiar with wiring centers and if necessary, I can punch down phone wiring on any 110 or 66 block.

Since arriving in the Las Vegas area, I have been elected Treasure of my Homeowners Association. I have been able to take a financially challenged association to fiscal responsibility and two time monthly operating reserves.

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