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To whom this may concern,

Greetings! Please permit me to introduce myself. My name is Thomas S. McFalls. I am seeking a position with a company that can utilize my talents in the Information Technology environment. I have 39 plus years experience in the IT/Telecommunications/Data communications field. I have more experience than can possibly fit on the following pages. I have never limited myself in any area of the IT filed. I started out working with main frame computers and jokingly tell everyone that I worked my way down to the PC’s. I have worked on/with main frames computers as well as min-computers, PC’s and Apple/MacIntosh machines.
I know that I can make a difference with any company that I in involved with. One of my former supervisory co-workers brought to my attention the fact that I fit into his organization so quickly and easily after having been there such a short time. My greatest asset is the ability to adapt to whatever environment I am in. For years I took this ability for granted. The activity that I enjoy most is in the area of teaching. The last three years of my military career were spent in the technical training arena and were the best three years of my entire IT career. I have conducted training as well as developed training material in a number of areas in IT since that time.
I am eligible to retire from the federal government. When that happens I will retire with monetary compensation and health/medical benefits. I am a simple Christian person who is not looking for an exorbitant salary or benefits. I require a minimum of $50,000 annual compensation. Medical and health benefits will not be needed/required. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I can be contacted anytime at (636) 751-4465 or via email: I look forward to hearing from you.
Fenton, MO

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