IT Project Management

Dear Madam/Sir,

Please consider me for any Business Analyst, Senior Information Technology, Software Quality Assurance, or IT Project Management positions that you have available in the southern Michigan area.

As you can see from my attached resume, I have 29+ years of experience in Information Systems, with duties including Project Management, Consulting, Software Quality Assurance, and Database Programming. My experience includes E-Commerce, Telecom, IT Management, Enterprise Systems, Inventory Control, Manufacturing, and High-Availability (NonStop) concepts.

My Project Management experiences have ranged from leading a small group of 3 people in developing C code utilizing Tandem / UNIX hardware, to leading a group of 12 in a printer implementation project that lasted 2 years. In both of those cases, the projects were completed on schedule, and under budget, resulting in letters of commendation. Part of my Project Management duties has also been as the Technical Liaison between the NASA Engineering Staff and the Software Development Staff, interpreting Business and Engineering requirements into technical requirements and testing criteria.

My Consulting experiences have been varied, with my services contributing to my client

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