Network Administration

Dear Hiring Team:

Summarizing my job at MacKay Manufacturing: I provide the support for the network from the point that the Internet enters the building, through the servers providing the networked services, to the desktop computer systems, network-connected milling machines and PCs (both desktop and laptop) used by remote users.
My responsibilities include: o using both disk and tape backup targets to protect critical information o removing backup tapes to off-site storage o ensuring that the anti-virus software is installed on all desktop systems and that the virus definitions are kept up to date o managing user account and machine accounts through Active Directory o using Exchange Server Tools to manage the entire Exchange environment o denying Internet access to designated open computers on the shop floor o installing, testing and supporting application software including Microsoft Office suites, and various CAD/CAM applications (SolidWorks, GibbsCAM and MasterCAM) o supporting phone systems and applications including PBX, VoiceMail and CallCenter
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Veradale, WA 99037

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