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I was working with Disney Studio at Burbank to recent for contracting; it expired on July 31st. I have worked on migrating AS400 to SAP and Oracle ERP, and maintained ERP such as JDE and DPS packages.

I have recently worked on both business system analysis and development of Disney current data warehouse system and ERP which they call it DISCO (Disney Integrate Supply Chain Operation) that migrates AS400 to SAP, please see the attachment of my resume.

The programs of current Disney DW system are all DB2 UDB the SQL scripts which I have worked on Oracle ERP (Oracle design and develop 2000) and coding lots of Oracle and DB2/400 at my last second company (Formosa Plastics) for SQL, PLSQL, SQL plus, I coding lots of DB2 UDB for data mapping and conversion for DW and ODS on Disney DISCO ERP, I am good at it.

One more skill I have coded a lot and good at it is that the Informatica work flow coding which is a tool to do ETL for ODS (see detail in my resume) between AS400, Oracle and SAP for any ERP systems. The DISCO has been gone live in the beginning of May; I was kept and extended my contract to continue to maintain both AS400 and Informatica to end of July.

With 20 years experience work in computer system design and business analysis of all aspects of business functions within AS400 RPG, DB2 UDB DBA arena, I am well versed both developer and analyst with in-depth experience and knowledge of the full software development life cycle.

I could make a big difference in any company for the business analysis and application development and I am confident I would be a great addition to the IT or business analysis or programming team.

I am looking for specific on business system analysis or RPGLE, SQLRPGLE, DB2 UDB DBA, ERP migration and Informatica tool.

I am looking forward to if there is any opportunity for me. Thanks

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