Human Resources professional

Dear Sirs/Madam:

I am a bi-lingual, Spanish-speaking, hands-on, Human Resources professional and would like to be considered for a position of Manager/Director/V.P. of Human Resources. I am fully qualified to do the job and able to bring the position to the next level of excellence. I am very confident that such position is definitely commensurate with my abilities and experience and I am sure I can be of service to the organization. I am an individual completely tuned and calibrated with operational goals and objectives and 110% engaged in the profitability of the organization by using and applying sound good judgment, an analytical approach (backed with valid data), and best practices in Human Resources.

I offer:

– Able to lead the team in the development and delivery of sound policies and programs that support the overall strategic direction of the organization. Programs such as:

– Organizational Development & Restructuring
– Labor Relations (Union/Non Union Experience)
– Recruitment & Retention
– Project Management
– Professional Trainer & Training Development
– Compensation and Benefits (Ceridian & Kronos)
– Front-Line Supervision & Leadership Development
– Diversity
– Health & Safety
– Employee Relations/Services
– Human Resources Information Systems
– Investigation & Documentation (Pinkerton Security)
– Succession Planning

– Over 20 years of training experience.
– Very strong people skills as well as hands-on experience as an Assessor, Evaluator, Troubleshooter and Problem-Solver in all areas of Human Resources Management.
– Bilingual – Fluent in Spanish. Expert translator.
– Excellent project management organizational and follow-up skills.
– Mentored by one of the best qualified labor lawyers in the mid west.
– Expert in working with medical professionals in expediting return to work programs.
– Experienced with OSHA standards, and inspections.
– Able to be diplomatic while holding fast to my moral and ethical standards.
– A desire to be a part in building and bringing the organization to the next level, increasing profits, and improving performance and efficiency.

If you may be interested in my qualifications and how I may be of service to you, feel free to call me

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