Director, Human Resources

To whom it may concern:

I am an excellent HR business partner and feel that I can make a difference. As Director of Human Resources at Eaton, I implemented internal processes improvements to provide better HR services to a 1200 employee remote workforce of sales and support employees. With remote based managers we assisted with employee development, recruiting and performance management.

In addition, my experience and areas of expertise are below;

• Organizational Design and Effectiveness – I implemented a new training development program for a specific business need, recruited 20+ candidates from colleges across the US and assisted with program review and eventually placed all graduates.

• Recruiting and Development – Recruited many key positions as well as worked with managers to develop employees for the next career opportunity. Created new roles and developed appropriate compensation for the role including Global Product Managers and Engineering leaders.

• Talent Management – Worked with many business managers to ensure we had the correct staff to meet the needs of the business. This has involved ramping up hiring for a new business line to implementing a work share program to ensure that we kept key employees during a time of business decline.

At Cooper Industries, I had experience in compensation, benefits and labor relations.

I would like to be on your team and believe my experience and achievements, as noted in my enclosed resume, would add value and strength to your leadership ranks. I am pretty open on salary but am looking in the $130-150,000 range. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you ways in which I can contribute to your organization’s continued success. If you wish to contact me, my cell number is 412-759-8955.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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