Medicine is where I want to make a difference. I’m looking for an opportunity where I can apply my skills to help an organization reach its goals, while I continue to learn. I’m interested in learning more about physical therapy. With a B.S. in Kinesiology, I am interested in muscular development and disease. Although, my studies are familiar with biomechanical and physiological topics, I would like to study orthopedics in medical school in the future. I want to get a strong sense of scientific thinking and ethic from the organization and people that I work with.
I am ready for a challenge with a focus. During my time as an instructor I’ve become bolstered with a foundation of exceptional communication skills. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people with a will to let me help them. Giving my undivided attention to students and making sure they’re on the right track has helped me manage not only time but situations. While working as an advisor for incoming undergraduate students, I learned how to coordinate with my peers toward a supreme goal, by listening and interpreting what people wanted and what they should know. My position taught me to maintain a positive outlook and attitude at all times. I’ve found that I am persistent when it comes to setting a goal and achieving that goal. I needed to gauge who each student was, decide where I needed to guide him/her and work hard at getting him/her to trust me. Working with incoming students of backgrounds I’ve never encountered before helped me realize my own purpose: a purpose of higher learning. The dependence of a goal upon everyone involved and every detail related is crucial in the field of research. I know how to create cohesiveness and a flow of ideas. Through my experience working as a teaching assistant, I developed a sense of confidence I hadn’t had before. I worked to encourage people and make a difference. As a kinesiology major and research assistant, I learned to make critical analyses and gained the ability to understand research. I had the great opportunity in my undergraduate career of learning skills, which I can certainly apply. Ultimately, I want to use the skills I have acquired to help further advancements in research and medicine, with aspirations in developmental exercise physiology, biology, biomechanics and neuroscience.
I am a young and vibrant person with limitless enthusiasm and an interest in learning new skills. I appreciate you considering taking the time to meet with me to discuss the work that you do, and should you know of any opportunities that would be suitable for me, I would appreciate you passing my resume along. Thank you again for your consideration.

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