Healthcare Providers Cover Letter

Healthcare Providers Cover Letter

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I am honored to be given the opportunity to provide a reference for Carson. I have witnessed Carson’s extraordinary ability to recognize, identify and ascertain the necessary treatment modalities for my daughter who sustained a severe back injury. He is masterful at coordination of integrated healthcare services while being flexible, open-minded and forward thinking in his approach.

My daughter Valerie sustained a severe back injury in the spring of 2006 during a soccer game. Emergency room physicians examined her and ordered x-rays. We were informed x-rays were normal and Valerie may feel pain for several days, but, it was nothing to worry about. She was to see an Orthopedic physician should her pain not improve. She had tremendous difficulty walking out of the emergency room, even with crutches.

With little relief and, continued pain that shot pain up to her shoulders and down her legs, we sought the assistance of an orthopedic physician within a week of the injury. This exam lead to a prescription for pain, home exercise program and many follow-up visits. At each follow-up visit, the physician questioned Val as to her level of pain, which did not significantly vary. After 10 or more weeks and minimal relief, Valerie was sent for an MRI which did not yield any abnormalities. My daughter was still in significant pain, extremely frustrated and very disappointed this injury prevented her participation in High School Sports as running and any form of sustained or strenuous physical activity was impossible. With my urging for a different course of treatment, the orthopedic physician suggested epidural steroid shots to my 16 year old daughter, and/or Physical Therapy, which he was not sure would help since the home program exercises were not making a difference in her recovery. Frustrated, I began to do my own research and sought alternative.


Bridgewater, New Jersey

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