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Hello! Dear Hiring Administrator

I majored in the electric-electronic technology from the University Mackenzie in 1985 in San Paulo, Brazil. At that time, I was used to draw electro-domestic objects such as radio, blender, and TV with pencil. Majoring in Computer Aided Design in De Anza College, I did have many opportunities to create more diversity of designs through 3D modeling, which has helped me to learn better the design world. The reason that I choose this major is because I found myself that I was fond of drawing when I was taking the technical design drawing class at that time. Having gotten the lowdown in the computer lab whole day for design and accomplishing assignments, which is after goal in a big way to act out to pledge my major.
Secondly, as a disable person with the Aphasia disease, there are two facts I shall take into account to stand for my disability. The one reason is that I am seeking for a job because regarding my current status, an international student with F1 visa, under immigration law I have to leave this country if I won’t be able to find a job within one year period conceded by the immigration office after graduating from my major. The another reason is that as I am an autistic person I do not have a good speaking skill, and most of time I can stutter when I try to think proper word to give a right expression. So, with the lack of speaking skill, I just have this feeling that I would be slate for a job that doesn’t need very much speaking skill, and there is an alternative between my disability and ability; fortunately, I found my niche that is I love nature environment, and I am fun with activities related to nature environment such as gardening, bird watching, taking trip in a nature, and so on. And more than that they really fulfill me both physical and psychological need, thus without intention I would find a job like the plant nursery, forestry industry, or similar alike activities as well rather than a job related to my major. Hopefully, soon I will be able to work in this major as I am taking my last class in landscape design in this quarter.
Finally, in the daily life, the strange thing happens to me is that there are crows always around my house and follow me everywhere I go to, and whenever I concentrate to think about the contents in a reading book, the neighbor’s dog starts to bark. In addition, mentally and emotionally under certain conditions, I can change weather from shinny to cloudy or raining and vice verse. To verify what I say, you can just see what has happened to the place around the area where I live in Sunnyvale. Somehow, my case is like the story of Daniel Tammet, who is an autistic savant. He can perform mind-boggling mathematical calculations at breakneck speeds. He also happens to be autistic, which is why he can’t drive a car, wire a plug, or tell right from left. He lives with extraordinary ability and disability. So far so good, I hope that I am doing right thing because I am a human being too and need to survive like everybody does. All in all, I would like to give a hand to the farmers who need rain in a drought season. Please do not hesitate to mail me and let me know if you are the farmers who need a favorite weather to have a good harvesting. My mail address is Hopefully, I would welcome to the opportunity for an interview to further discuss my qualifications.
Best regards, Jorge
Sunnyvale, CA

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