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I am sending my professional background as suggested in response to the Trade Only announcement regarding your need for a Director of Sales. I have spent most of my career in the consumer durable goods industry, but have developed a skill set through sales, marketing, 2 & 3 tier distribution management, product management and consumer behavior. The business-to-business model has enabled me to develop key skills that are essential in the marine industry.
My initial responsibilities at Brunswick Corporation, Meridian Yachts, consisted of developing a strategic plan to introduce a new brand of motor yachts to the U.S. market. Successful execution of this launch strategy brought this brand to market on time and on budget. First year sales exceeded production capacity. Subsequent to the first year, I shifted the business plan to a recognition strategy and finally a growth focused strategy.
This business produced aggressive top line growth primarily through same store sales. Sales exceeded plan, growing by double digit percentages for the first 4 years. Meridian was poised for growth each of the next eight years with the exception of 2007 when the global recessionary trends began. In 2006 through today, Meridian has achieved and maintained the #1 market share position in its served segments. Through this experience I established the important foundation of thinking strategically and acting tactically. Translating the strategic position into clear measureable actions and illustrating how these actions made a positive contribution was essential to the success of this business. Maintaining focus on identifying and utilizing specific triggers enabled me to stimulate business at various levels of the sales process. The time at Brunswick brought me to The Hatteras Collection, representing Hatteras & CABO Yachts. I was charged with immediately addressing high inventory challenges that faced the business. The first month I successfully implemented an aggressive inventory reduction plan focused to relieve dealer inventory while driving wholesale business.

Knoxville, TN

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