My retail business career and my abilities are uniquely different from the norm. My background includes merchandising and operations, field and corporate experience, multiple job functions in numerous departments and continued career level progression. A complete and thorough understanding of all aspects of retailing allows me to identify strengths and weaknesses quickly while developing specific actionable plans. Implementation of these actions produces immediate results leading to substantial long-term financial improvements.
Sales increases, gross profits that surpass industry norms, achieving market share increases and reduction of expenses that are transparent to the customer are personal trademarks. Business plan development, strategic planning, financial analysis and business model development are areas in which I excel. My unique approach to customer satisfaction produces increased sales and creates an atmosphere that makes the store experience fun and exciting for customers and employees alike. I would like to utilize my abilities to assist the company meet their obligations to the shareholders, employees, and the community.
Skills developed while employed by Fortune 500 corporations have served me well as I became an entrepreneur and successfully owned and operated my own business. In a little over five years, sales doubled and profits increased ten fold. The business sold to an unsolicited buyer. Providing exciting dynamic leadership and direction that produces superior results are my career goals.
Grayson, Ga

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This is a generic letter. I would make it company specific when directing it to a potential opportunity.

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