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Hello! Dear Hiring Administrator

As this is a cover letter, so I would like to start by briefing my personal school histories and job experiences which you wish to know as this is a most important part of your holistic hope. Beyond that, it is my responsibility to ensure you that all the things, which I will tell you, are truth.
First of all, as I got CAD (Computer Aided Design), I would like to find a job related to my major.
Secondly, as a disabled person with the Aphasia disease, there are two facts I shall take into account to stand for my disability-the lacking of a good speaking skill, and most of time I can stutter when I try to think proper word to give a right expression. So, with the lack of speaking skill, I just have this feeling that I would be slate for a job that doesn’t need a good speaking skill such as landscape design related to my second major.
Best regards,

Sunnyvale, CA

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All of the above be that is it may.

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