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In my many years in the field I have filled the roles of developer, analyst, project manager, and, most recently, architect. I have worked in the mainframe, pc, client server, and web environments. I have worked extensively in financial systems but I have also worked in HR, purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, toxicology, legal and plant floor applications. I have an outstanding background in databases including DB2, SQL Server and especially Oracle. I was the person to resolve issues of bad SQL performance. I am also highly skilled with Oracle Reports and Focus. My development experience included Cobol, Fortran, and PERL and I have had training in J2EE. My architectural experience included work on systems in VB, J2EE and PERL as well as many custom packages. I designed the initial WebSphere environment that evolved into the company’s shared service.
In the last few years I had served on the Technology Management Council, the Transaction Pattern Committee, and the Architecture Review Board where I was involved in over 200 architecture reviews. I also served as an internal security coordinator fot Plant Floor Systems where I was heavily involved with SOx issues.
In 2007 I took a buyout from my position at Ford Motor Company. I had expected to find a position at that time but my wife had a seizure while driving and was badly injured so I took some time off to care for her. Then we found she could not drive for a considerable time until she’d established that she was not susceptible to another seizure with the medication she was put on. By the time she was okayed to drive again the economy was such that I felt that looking for a decent position would be futile so we decided to do some traveling. Now with the economy on the mend I’ve decided to seek a new opportunity.
Redford, MI

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Good over all except the last paragraph. Advise removing the details of the illness. Maybe "Due to family members illness I had to step away from job searh for period of time" but am not activly searching.

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