Good day,

I am writing in regards to the position of Superintendent with your firm. I have been in the industry for 37 years and I am willing to relocate immediately. I do not have any restrictions that would prevent me from travelling extensively. My project list is versatile. I have been involved in numerous hi-end condos, a football stadium, a water/waste water treatment facility, parking garages, airport tarmacs, and a five star mixed use hotel, the Four Seasons in Miami. I have worked in Nashville, Boston, Atlanta and Miami.
My qualifications with concrete go well beyond placing and finishing. Two of my attributes, communication and coordination, have been honed over time. My repoire with threshold inspectors and clients is exemplary. I am an expert in coordinating manpower, equipment and materials, all, as you are well aware, required for a successful project. I have been formerly trained in multi tasking, team brain storming and time management. I have brought projects from piles to roof along with the site logistics. I am a devout disciple of pre task planning. My capabilities are not limited to just the structural aspects of a project; rebar, P.T. concrete, formwork, dewatering, sheet piling and excavation. I have supervised stucco, paint, waterproofing, roofing, finishes and life safety issues. I have been involved in landscaping, A.D.A and I am always willing accept any new challenges.
My reports are well written, concise and on time. Unfortunately in today’s world a hand shake doesn’t carry any weight in court so I am well aware of the necessity of constant documentation, both written and visual. My meetings, scheduling and otherwise, are also chaired with time and necessity kept in mind. I lead by example. I possess the capability of getting my co workers to perform beyond their scope when it becomes necessary by never forgetting that I worked my way up and by treating all parties involved with mutual respect. My diverse reference list will verify this. I do not hesitate to jump in and help out in any capacity. My motto is “Help Me Help You”.
Sincerely, Paul F. Rastellini
Miami/Phoenix, Fl/Az

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