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I am a structural analyst (FEA) with over thirty-five years (35) experience. I have performed structural analyses on a wide range of structures and applications, ranging from large mining machinery to inflatable entry bodies. My experience includes use of MSC and NEi Nastran, MD-Nastran (Sol 400), Abaqus (explicit and standard), Ansys, LS-Dyna, Patran, Femap, and Ideas. This work has entailed both linear and non-linear statics, as well as linear and non-linear dynamic response. I have earned a reputation for accepting and successfully completing the unique or challenging analyses encountered in the performance of many different projects.
During the development of the AGS gun system, one of the reoccurring issues involved dynamic stability of the control systems. These drives included gear reducers and limited-torque brakes. I developed an efficient means of modeling the gear boxes which preserved its dynamic behavior and static equilibrium. During a shock loading, the torque-limited brakes would slip and under-go several rotations. The FEA models were failing to correctly capture this response. I was able to identify the source of the error and correct the models.
I have developed, and continue to maintain, a suite of FORTRAN programs which greatly facilitate the post-processing of the FEA analysis results. This set of computer codes allowed for the timely processing of the large data-bases (> 3 Gb) that resulted from a transient shock analysis of the AGS gun system. This same set of codes was also utilized to allow for the rapid turn around required for a parametric study of a launch abort vehicle (LAV). The LAV analysis consisted of a staged sequence of forty (40) non-linear quasi-static load cases for each simulation. This expertise was further leveraged when AS&M made a decision to establish it’s self as a go-to company for fluid-structure-interaction (FSI). Particular attention was paid to insure that the resulting mapping was capable of handling large deformations.
Siincerely, Lawrence Prosper
Hampton, VA

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