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To Whom It May Concern:

After researching your company, I am very interested in pursuing a career opportunity with you. I would appreciate if I could speak to you about my qualifications. My background includes extensive software and hardware development and testing, with particular technical emphasis on the skills of C coding and test, mostly for various embedded systems, but also for a distributed system, VHDL and layouts for microprocessor design and test, FPGA designs, assembly coding, some C++, and many simulation tools used for testing and analysis of both software and hardware, real-time embedded operating systems, some Linux/Sun Unix and gnu tools, Microsoft Visual C++, and all the Microsoft applications such as Word, Power Point and Excel.
If your organization is in need of someone with a proven track record of technical, service and applications improvement for multimillion-dollar organizations, please review the resume that I will send you. With extensive skills honed over many years of software and hardware implementation leadership for successful companies, I now seek a new opportunity to significantly enhance technical capability, testing processes and service delivery for your company.
My talent for elevating software performance through development and implementation of critical upgrades consistently leads to dramatic increases in productivity and functionality. I am a creative problem-solver, communicator and planner who welcomes any challenge sent my way. Some of my most notable accomplishments include: * Ensuring a successful Corona Audit with zero fault findings from the United States Navy and Government clients by collaborating with a 15 to 20-person engineering team; * Optimizing technical performance with the implementation of updated performance metrics and status tracking strategies, ensuring 100% path test coverage; * Designing a sample application for a set-top-box that led to the acquisition of a new product agreement for my company and the Verizon business for Motorola; * Orchestrating port of VxWorks drivers authored in C to my company’s products utilizing Broadcom chips for the Ethernet, USB and HomeRF wireless protocols; * Leading testing and reporting as well as build and release of firmware to verify database bugs, ensuring 100% test coverage.
North Easton,MA

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Next week I will have been unemployed 7 months in the Boston area. Any tips based on my background on where to focus my attention? I’ve applied everywhere, and now have also added England to my job search, where my husband is from. After unemployment runs out, I’ll search the entire US as well.

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Hi There – good luck in your job search, specially in the UK. Having studied there, I understand the need to expand your search there. I would move to the UK in one NYC minute :-).

If you would be so kind as to include in your cover letter a statmenet that reads something like this: I have included my resume (cv if in the UK) for your consideration and will follow up with a call on (give exact date and time) to discuss futher.

The HR person will etiher call you or contact you to set up another time or to give you some kind of information. Please make suere that you call on that date and time as doing what you say you are going to do is very important. Good luck and you should also expand your search to the left coast.



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IMO you have TMI. This is a cover letter, not a resume and not a novel. Focus on key points of what you'll be able to do for them over a laundry list of skills. What value will your skill set bring to an organization? I think your second paragraph should be your first paragraph & continue on that vein.

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