Senior Project/ Program Manager

To whom it may concern:

I am a certified Project manager who has worked in a variety of organizations on both the corporate and military level. My recent experience, in the aerospace industry, has offered me the opportunity to use the years of project management methodologies to help change the culture of how aircraft has been modified and repaired. As a result of that change, process and business bottom-line improvements have been realized (millions of dollars). Teams that worked with me were able to deliver our aircraft on or ahead of schedule.
Although aerospace is the industry where I’ve recently work, the majority of my time has been spent in IT and Telecommunications. With more than 15 years in these industries, I still have a desire to work in these industries. Teams that were managed by me thrived in that environment and were able to complete project on or ahead of schedule. Since these project where international as well as domestic, I was able to work with multi-cultural teams quite successfully. I found that communications was the key among my team members.
So, you might as what would I bring to the table for your organization? I bring a well rounded personality and an ability to adapt to a variety of project management experiences. Secondly, I bring excellent communication, listening, and intuitive skills to your organization. Thirdly, I bring an ability to quickly understand the environment into which I may find myself. Fourthly, I bring years of experience in project and program management that I have acquired on the job and through education. Finally, I bring a since of humor, integrity, and excellence to everything I do.

Greenville, SC

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