Senior Financial Analyst

Dear Hiring Manager

Currently exploring new challenges as a financial or investment analyst within your firm, I would like to present my professional history for your evaluation. I am a resourceful and forward-thinking strategist providing more than 8 years of related, hands-on experience, with specific success researching and assessing world-class investment opportunities. My expertise spans developing and reviewing key financial statements, formulating effective financial models, and identifying and recommending the most high-impact investments. Utilizing these strengths, I have consistently generated lucrative results for my customers and employers alike. I am confident I would contribute to the achievement of your organization’s critical financial goals.
Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the ability to cultivate productive customer relationships, expertly analyzing and addressing each customer’s unique financial needs with highly successful product and service solutions. Year after year, I have implemented ways to reduce costs and increase profitability. Most notably, I: • Saved costs by restructuring credit facilities for customers with under-performing sales and margins, helping companies become more financially disciplined and minimize risk exposure (Bank ofAmerica Merrill Lynch). • Generated new business by utilizing cross-selling techniques to help customers maximize banking needs. • Avoided extending additional capital funds of $25 million in aggregate to illiquid companies by temporarily relieving cash flow of those companies to restore financial stability. • Achieved all goals set by Senior Management, including no past-due payments, no overdue financial statements/reporting requirements, no matured credit facilities, and no over-utilized lines of credit based on insufficient collateral for borrowing. • Improved the efficiency of the division by drafting financial packages on companies with maturing credit facilities and securing overdue financial reporting requirements. • Evaluated and underwrote ~50% of the company’s entire commercial loan volume (in partnership with 1 other Analyst) (MidwestBank & Trust Company). • Maintained a loss-free ~$300 million loan portfolio. • Enhanced employee efficiency by effectively supporting the implementation of and employee introduction to a new construction loan monitoring and tracking system (State Bank of Countryside).
As this letter and the accompanying resume offer a brief introduction to my financial and investment background, I welcome the chance to further discuss my qualifications in a personal interview. Please contact me as indicated above to schedule a convenient time to speak. Until then, I look forward to our conversation and thank you for your kind consideration.
Sincerely, Michael Madden

Chicago, IL

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The content is very good, but much of it is probably a rehash of what already appears on the resume. I would suggest revising it to contain just a few "grabber" statements that make you stand out from the crowd, many of which will have equally strong credentials.

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