Senior Excutive

The word innovation is tossed around a lot these days, but as a holder of five issued Patents, six Patents Pending in the areas of Wireless Applications, Location Based Services (LBS), Location Based Advertising, Server virtualization, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Cloud Computing for SaaS and PaaS, Vehicle Telematics, M2M systems and a U.S. Department of Commerce National Medal of Technology Nominee, innovation is my specialty. My passion for technology combined with a keen business acumen is demonstrated by my accomplishments as an inventor, implementer and as an evangelist using system engineering for complex systems for reducing software and hardware inventions to products and then developing business for leading edge products and services.

A SENIOR GLOBAL EXECUTIVE with experience in China, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe, operating in the challenging area of advanced technologies and systems architectures, my expertise encompasses business development, software and hardware engineering, IT and R&D/product development for large Web enabled back office Cloud Computing systems supporting highly reliable, highly available, secure Location Based Services (LBS), Digital Media Delivery over wireless, Portable Wireless Device Applications, Digital Signage, Location Based Advertising, Machine to Machine (M2M), Vehicle Telematics, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare and Homeland Security applications. A true renaissance man that understands not only technology but also has keen business sense with the ability to condense customer concepts into requirements and then to deliverables in hardware and software. Combining this high level of technical skill with significant business acumen, I identify real-world needs and develop the strategic plan and operations structure to develop, market, and support cutting-edge products to fill these niches. Having created and sold two startup businesses and being employee number one, I have a skills mix for developing a business from the ground up in either a push or pull marketplace. I am a C level technical professional also experienced and extremely proficient in identifying channel partners and strategies for bringing products to market and win/win relationships with customers and business partners. I am at home in the technical lab and the board room. I perform as a team player and as an individual contributor. I have experience in all the disciplines for product design and development having managed annual budgets of USD $200M and development teams of over 200 engineers and technicians. Having vast experience in the software development life cycle from military standards to agile programming methodologies brings unique capabilities managing both internal developers as well as global outsourcing teams in China, Viet Nam, India , Europe, Singapore, Taiwan and the USA . Having experience in contract manufacturing of custom embedded hardware and firmware solutions sensitive to size, weight and power constraints I provide quick solutions to challenging new endeavors where packaging is a critical factor. Encompassing the skill sets of critical fault tolerant designs for NASA

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