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Dear Sir or Madam

Dear Sir or Madam I am currently looking for a sales management or sales trainer position in the San Francisco Bay Area. My resume will show my many years of sales, management and training experience in the retail consumer electronics field.
Two of my last three positions have been as a District Monster Cable Manager for Good Guys and Regional Monster Cable Manager for Circuit City. I worked with Regional Vice Presidents, other Regional Managers, District Managers and Store management in improving sales of Monster Cable products and the bottom line of the company.
Part of my duties included: • Conduct daily visits to the stores to provide sales support and training to help them achieve their Monster Cable sales and profit goals. • Inspected their merchandising to ensure proper placement of all Monster Cable product. • Involved in organizing and executing sales events on a district or store level with both companies. • As part of the Monster Cable MTeam, I help design and implement merchandising strategies with many of Monster Cables’s top clients.
Sincerely, Mark Heikkila
Vallejo, CA

This example was posted: 2/26/2010 2:31:17 PM EST

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