Dear Sir or Madam

I am very interested in pursuing a career with Cleveland Corporate Services beginning with the Field Sales Representative. In reviewing my credentials, you will find a solid leader experienced in communication technology sales.
My track record in sales has progressed from selling audio/video integrated solutions to digital signage and in-store media applications. Additionally, as a Sales Director at BTV+, I was responsible for maintaining our company’s most critical relationships and accounts. In this role and through my leadership and team building efforts, I have succeeded in successfully delivering digital signage and interactive kiosks applications, multimedia and web-based distance learning projects for demanding customers, including automotive, while managing a cross functional team, maintaining budget and communications to the client.
I am most effective when I develop a strong sales presentation and communicate the business value to end-users, stake holders and C-level executives. I look forward to making these success principals part of my future with Cleveland Corporate Services.
Respectfully yours,
South Lyon, Michigan

This example was posted: 1/6/2010 8:32:27 AM EST

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