Regulatory Officer

Dear U.S. Food and Drug Administration

I am interested in becoming a Federal Regulatory Officer for Health Products monitoring and activities. Because of my science background and the direct experiences I have had resolving compliance and regulatory from a legal perspective, I thought you might like to review my resume.
As you will notice, my experiences have prepared me to work and to lead at the highest levels of compliance. I am versed in conducting detailed research and evaluation, identifying potential compliance issues and coming up with workable solutions. In addition I have headed assignments for staff hires that allowed me to participate in and to enjoy problem-solving in a high-stakes work environment.
The position of Regulatory Officer puts emphasis on the interpretation of the law and maintaining effective relations. I have both. As part of my professional activities, I have interpretated regulations in different settings and I have also advised consumer interest groups. At Industry Canada’s Intellectual Property Office, I lead, direct and supervise a team of Senior Trade-marks Examiners, plan and assign work. I provide advice and counsel to Trade-marks examination staff, applicants, trade-marks agents and lawyers, and provide expert technical information and explanations to officials of federal and provincial governments and intellectual property specialists from other countries. As a Senior Examiner, I have reviewed applications for the registration of trade-marks to assess the description of pharmaceutical products available to consumers, their function, their specificity, and the likelihood of confusion among other pharmaceutical products.
Best regards, Judée Berthil

Delear Beach, FL

This example was posted: 2/26/2010 2:30:36 PM EST

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