Realtor Assistant, Transaction Coordinator, Marketing C

Sample model isTo Whom It May Concern; Dear Recruiter, Broker/Realtor

I am very interested in being a Realtor Assistant, Transaction Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, or similar type of support position with your firm. I have been a Realtor for 23 years. I have knowledge of several MLS systems, Winforms, California Contracts, real estate databases, other Real Estate Programs, interface with Escrow and Title, interface with inspectors, lenders, and underwriters, prepare contracts and counter offers, negotiating techniques, identifying investment property based on cash flow, preparing Market Analysis and Net sheets, and many other techniques and supporting functions for a busy Realtor or REO Agent/Broker. I also have an active Real Estate License with No Broker Affiliation.
I no longer want to be in the sales end of the industry, but would love to be in a support position where I can use my knowledge and abilities to assist a busy Realtor/Broker, so they may use their time more effectively by being in front of prospects, clients, and customers. I can do multiple tasks and have a great respect for integrity, privacy, and trust in all that I do.
I have experience with many computer related programs, such as the MS office group, and have a very high learning curve to pick up new software programs as well. I would work hard for this Agent/Broker, and protect all of their interest and positions. I know what it takes to be a team player, and I am willing to do the hours required for the task, not just the hours set by the clock time. I could also do Open House, meet inspectors, meet appraisers, etc. I can also be quick to follow-up on those contingencies with contingency removals and other requests that are a part of the normal proceedings in the contract. I am very versatile, ready, willing, and able. Please do feel free to contact me for any additional information you may need.

This example was posted: 2/26/2010 2:29:39 PM EST

please do not add me to any e-mail lists. I do not want to start receiving additional e-mails for schools, products, or other unrequested merchandising.

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